Code A Scratch Game With Your Kids

Scratch is a drag-and-drop visual programming tool that you can access in your web browser. Here's how you can use it to program a basic video game with your kids, and get them started with computer coding at the same time.
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Interactive Fiction Tools For Kids

Here are six interactive fiction software tools to get your kids writing their own stories online, in new and innovative ways.

Kids Programming Language Roundup

Computer programming doesn't have to be about lines and lines of daunting code. Here are five tools to ease your kids into the subject simply and visually.

5 Tech Tools To Help Children Learn Foreign Languages

5 Tech Tools To Help Children Learn Foreign Languages Gus on the Go Little Pim Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Mango DuoLingo

Build Your Own Robot With Quirkbot

Quirkbot offers a build-your-own robot kit for kids, using an innovative new microcontroller that you can program with your Mac or PC.

Kano: A DIY Computer for Children

Kano is a computer kit designed especially for kids. Once they've snapped it together, they'll feel like they own it, according to its creators. Then, they'll be ready to create their own worlds, entirely in code.

Sphero Robot Lights Up The Classroom

Sphero is a little round robot that brings programming within reach of your children, and is designed to integrate with school teaching programs.